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  • What does a riding a Segway PT feel like?
  • Riding the Segway PT feels like nothing you've ever experienced, because there's never been anything like it. Step on and your instinct will be to steady yourself, as you would on anything with two wheels. But almost immediately you'll realize that the Segway PT is balancing for you, almost like it has become an extension of you. Just lean forward a little and you'll see that the Segway PT isn't moving you on its own, it's moving in response to you and what you tell it to do. It all feels natural, safe, and instinctive. That's what riding a Segway PT feels like.
  • Are Segway PT's legal in my state?
  • While in general no state prohibitions exist in these states, local regulations may exist. We recommend that you check your local regulations prior to use in public areas.
  • Does a Segway PT fit in the trunk of a car?
  • The LeanSteer frame is adjustable to the comfort of the rider and allows the Segway PT to fit in the trunk of many cars.
  • Can I use the Segway PT in the rain?
  • Yes. The device is completely sealed to allow it to operate in wet weather.
  • How long will a Segway PT last?
  • The Segway PT has been designed to be extremely durable. In order to deliver a durable productivity tool, we pursued two design avenues. First, we built durable mechanical and electrical systems to be in solid state, so even the moving parts were designed for longevity. For example, the motors are brushless servomotors, so there are no parts that could wear out. We then submitted the systems to extensive, rigorous testing to ensure we met our goals. Second, we created a modular design whereby if any part were to wear out or break, it could easily be replaced, ensuring a long product life.
  • Do you still manufacture the first generation of Segway Personal Transporters (e167, i167, i170,180, XT,GT, p133)?
  • No. However, we still offer support for these models should you need support assistance. Contact your local dealer orSegway support.
  • Do the new models utilize the same balancing technology found in the previous Segway PT's?
  • Yes, the same dynamic stabilization technology is utilized in the new models. Some parts of the balance sensor assembly (BSA) and other parts of the machine have changed to take advantage of new technology, but the fundamental principles used in creating the original Segway PT have remained consistent. New technology has been added where appropriate to support the new LeanSteer and wireless InfoKey controller functionality.
  • How many speed settings does the new product have?
  • The second-generation Segway PT has two operational settings, "beginner" setting and "standard" setting. Beginner setting is set to 6mph/13kph, and the standard setting is set to 12.5mph/20kph.
InfoKey Controller Questions:
  • How many wireless InfoKey controllers come with the Segway PT?
  • As of May 15th 2007, two wireless Infokey controllers are included in the box with each Segway PT.
  • Can I configure my own accessory packages?
  • Yes. Accessories were chosen for the packages based on specific uses but you are free to configure a PT based on your needs by using the online configurator and sending your custom Segway PT to your local dealer.
  • Will there be any more packages?
  • Right now there are six packages offered in the catalog and in the online configurator. As new accessories become available, we may add new packages.
Recall Information:
  • Is there any recall information I should know about?
  • The safety of our customers and quality of our products always has been and continues to be our top priorities. Click here forrecall information.
Battery Information:
  • Can I travel with lithium-ion batteries?
  • You can ship your lithium-ion battery-equipped machine anywhere by ground transportation. However, our lithium-ion batteries are not appropriate to be shipped by air at this time (including airline travel).
  • How can my business procure an RMP?
  • The Segway Robotic Mobility Platform is available for delivery to commercial customers . To receive additional information about the Segway RMP, please fill out the RMP contact form.


  • Where can I find my Segway PT's serial number?
  • The serial number is located under the mat on the rear edge of the platform. Segway cannot provide you with your serial number until you have taken delivery of your Segway PT. Therefore, please wait for delivery of your Segway PT in order to obtain your serial number.
  • Can I charge my Segway PT from my car or boat?
  • Yes, a Segway PT can be charged while driving in your car or boat by using a suitable DC-to-AC power inverter. Each Segway PT typically consumes approximately 140 Watts of power while charging. However, due to charger startup requirements, we recommend that inverters have power capacity of at least 350 Watts for each Segway PT being charged. Power inverters that produce either square or sinusoid waveform output are suitable for charging the Segway PT.
  • Can I charge my Segway PT in countries where the power is at different voltages than the USA?
  • Yes you can, as long as the voltage is between 90 and 260V, and 50 to 60 Hz AC (this covers most of Europe and Asia). You might need an adaptor at the end of the power cord that goes into the wall outlet. Alternatively you can use a standard International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) cord (typically used for computers and monitors) designed for the country in which you are residing. The adaptors and IEC cables can be found at any electronics store.
  • How can I insure my Segway PT?
  • There are a number of options available should you wish to insure your Segway PT. We recommend you contact your insurance company or local agent to find out the type of coverage they offer. It may be helpful to know that Progressive now provides personal use coverage for Segway PTs in most states To get more information or buy a policy, call 1-800-PROGRESSIVE.
  • What can I use to clean my Segway PT?
  • Soap and water are the best to clean your unit. Please refrain from using products which protect and shine rubber, plastic, and vinyl surfaces, as these products may impact tires traction
  • How should I dispose of my old batteries from a Segway PT?
  • Segway and The Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation encourage you to help preserve our environment by returning your unwanted batteries to the nearest recycling collection point. Please check or call 1-800-822-8837 to find the nearest location.
  • Is there any recall information I should know about?
  • The safety of our customers and quality of our products always has been and continues to be our top priorities. Click here forrecall information.
  • Can the speed setting for a PT be locked?
  • Yes, each InfoKey controller can be locked into the beginner setting by a special sequence of button-presses. You can also set the Beginner Setting speed, Standard Setting speed, and "off" time for Standby mode. Further customization is possible by programming the InfoKey controller at the Segway factory. Programming each InfoKey controller separately is an additional service offer to customers that can be quoted individually per account.
  • Why do I have to go online to obtain a second InfoKey controller?
  • It is important for Segway Inc. to keep track of units in the field, so that product updates, upgrades and communications can be accomplished quickly and thoroughly. Product registration allows us to collect and maintain this information. The additional InfoKey controller is an added incentive to complete this product registration.
  • Can I reprogram my InfoKey controller?
  • You can do some basic programming, such as setting the time, date and whether you want the display to show miles or kilometers. You can also set the Beginner Setting speed, Standard Setting speed, and "off" time for Standby mode. Please refer to your user materials for further details. If you feel additional programming is necessary, please contact your local Segway dealer.
  • How do I register my warranty with Segway Inc. after purchasing my Segway PT at a dealership?
  • There is no need to register your warranty with Segway Inc. when purchasing a Segway PT from a dealership. The Segway PT warranty is registered for you by your dealer.
  • I purchased my Segway PT from a private party (used). How do I transfer ownership to my name to receive the balance of the warranty?
  • To transfer ownership, please call our Customer Support Center at 1-866-4SEGWAY or submit a request online