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i2 Police

More and more police agencies world-wide are using the i2 Police. It's the productivity tool for faster response, greater officer visibility and more efficient community policing.

With the i2, police officers have faster response times than foot patrols, greater flexibility and maneuverability than cruisers, and better visibility than either option. Because each officer stands 8-inches higher than the ground, they have an improved perspective on sidewalks and streets and inside buildings, and are also more visible and approachable in community policing situations. For the most versatile policing tool on the market, there's no alternative to the i2 Police.

i2 Police Specs

  • Weight105 lbs
    48 kg
  • Tires19"
  • Footprint19 x 25 in
    48 x 64 cm
  • Max Speed12.5 mph
    20 kmh
  • RangeUp to 24 miles
    Up to 39 km

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Police Officer on i2 Police

i2 Police At a Glance
  • Lower Cargo Frames protect the fenders and provide a rugged look. They can also be used to easily lift the Segway i2 Police into and out of service vehicles
  • Accessory Bar is perfect for mounting lights, sirens, a GPS unit, and other accessories that utilize round handlebar clamps
  • Comfort Mats alleviate the fatigue that can occur when standing for long periods
  • Police/Security Reflectivity helps establish presence and enhance officer visibility in the dark or in high-traffic locations
  • Handlebar Bag offers various storage options for emergency and patrol equipment
  • LED Tail Light attaches with a versatile clip and alerts traffic to your presence