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Why Choose Segway?

Many reasons to choose Segway.

Become more productive

The easy to learn, Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) is a highly adaptable productivity tool for businesses. Feasibility studies conducted by customers have shown double-digit productivity gains. It makes workers faster, enabling them to cover more ground in less time. It increases their carrying capacity, reducing the strain of repetitive tasks and the costs of work-related injuries. Because of the way the Segway PT operates, they'll retain the agility needed to maneuver in tight spaces. And it enables companies to forego the use of gasoline-powered vehicles, and the operational and maintenance costs that go along with them.

Become more recognizable

The Segway PT is unmistakable. Security that is clearly noticeable is an effective deterrent, and nothing is more noticeable than a security guard riding a Segway PT. Riders stand an additional eight inches off the ground, allowing you to be better seen and giving the rider better sight lines, over cars in a parking lot or boxes in a warehouse.

More and more security organizations around the world have learned how the Segway PT benefits their campus security patrols and mall security, allowing officers to be more visible and respond more quickly to crime situations and emergencies.

Low operating costs

With no need for gas, easy battery charging and operating costs of only pennies per day. Batteries can be recharged by utilizing any 90 to 260 volt and 50 to 60 Hz AC outlet (typically accessible in most countries). A complete cycle charge will take eight to ten hours, about the cost of a newspaper.

A reliable, durable tool

Another attribute that makes the Segway PT such an effective productivity tool is its reliability. Leveraging over two decades of scientific innovation, it has been extensively tested and designed to perform in nearly every environmental condition a rider may encounter. It has been precision engineered for virtually maintenance-free operation, resulting in even more long-term savings.

See the value of increased efficiency yourself by using our productivity calculator to determine your return on investment.